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Black Bayou/Pine Island Levees — East
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Description of Levee System


The levee system consists of the following levees:


1) The Red River main line levee, which consists of 80.37 miles of levee.  Of this, 51.52 miles extend north from the intersection of Cross Bayou and Red River just north of Shreveport to the hills at the Arkansas-Louisiana State line.  The remaining 28.85 miles extend downstream from the high ground in the southern section of Shreveport, to the Caddo-Red River Parish Line.


2) The Twelve Mile Bayou Levee, which is 23.92 miles long, extends along the left descending bank of Twelve Mile and Black Bayous from the Red River Levee at Twelve Mile Bayou Bend north of Shreveport to high land 9 miles above the mouth of Black Bayou, at the Gamm Road southwest of Gilliam, Louisiana.


3) The Black Bayou-Pine Island Levee, which is 7.01 miles in length on the right descending bank of Black Bayou, begins at the high land approximately one mile northeast of Caddo Lake Dam and extends to the high land approximately 9 miles above the mouth of Black Bayou.  The Twelve Mile Bayou Levee system starts at the Gamm Road and proceeds downstream along the left descending bank of the Twelve Mile Bayou to a point just south of I-220, Twelve Mile Bayou and Red River.


4) The West Agurs Levee extends upstream along Cross Bayou and Twelve Mile Bayou from the Red River Levee at Market Street and Cross Bayou in Shreveport to the Red River Levee 0.8 of a mile above Highway 1 bridge across Twelve Mile Bayou, for a total of 5.02 miles.  The Agurs levee system extends 1.5 miles.


5) The Cherokee Park Levee begins at station 263 + 38 on the Red River main line levee and runs easterly for 1.53 miles to the high ground at the north end of the Shreveport Municipal Airport.


Levee District Map & Boundary Description



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