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June 08, 2017

Shreveport, Louisiana







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At a regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners of the Caddo Levee District held at 10:00 a.m., June 8, 2017, at 1320 Grimmett Drive, Shreveport, Louisiana, the following members were present: James T. Sims, Patrick Harrison, Carolyn C. Prator, Kandi Moore, Helen Godfrey Smith, and Willie Walker. Gary Procell was not present.


Ronald F. Lattier, Law Offices of Ronald F. Lattier; Marshall Jones, Jones & Odom LLP; Sam Brimer, Forester; Ali M. Mustapha, Administrator; and Danielle Stafford, Assistant Secretary, were also present.


The meeting was opened with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.


President Sims asked for any comments from the public regarding agenda items or other issues. There were no public comments.

President Sims stated that the minutes from the May 2017 meeting had been emailed for review and asked for a motion to approve. Mrs. Prator stated that the phone call from Congressman Johnsonís office should be on the record. Mr. Mustapha stated that a paragraph will be added to reflect this and will be emailed for approval the following week.


Mr. Harrison discussed the monthly financial reports and reported that expenses for the month of May were in line with the monthly average.


The Board reviewed payments and invoices for the month of May 2017 and subsequent bills for the month of April 2017. Mr. Harrison made a motion, with a second by Mrs. Smith, to ratify payment of the invoices for the month of May 2017 and subsequent bills for the month of April 2017. The motion unanimously passed.


The Board unanimously approved the transfer of surface lease from Charles Collins to Katie Gabriel for approximately one acre known as Lot #225 in Section 8, T22N, R15W, Caddo Parish, Louisiana, with a motion by Mrs. Moore and a second by Mrs. Smith.


†††††††††††† Marshall Jones reported that Jackie Devall, Office of ConservationóLouisiana Department of Natural Resources, reported via email on June 2, 2017, that Gemini has begun the plugging of wells in Section 21 and has made substantial progress.


†††††††††††† The Board unanimously approved the renewal of a Certificate of Deposit with Cross Keys Bank with a motion by Mrs. Smith and a second by Mr. Harrison.


†††††††††††† President Sims reported that the Executive Committee met with the Board attorneys on Wednesday, May 31, 2017, to discuss a letter received from the Caddo Citizens for Flood Prevention (CCFP). During the meeting, they gave the Administrator, Mr. Mustapha, the authority to respond via letter to start a dialogue with the CCFP representatives and to arrange a meeting to discuss CCFP concerns.


†††††††††††† Mr. Sims recognized Mrs. Prator who reported on the status of the planning of the community meetings in Gilliam and Southeast Shreveport. The Board discussed and agreed on final dates for the meetings: June 29, 2017, at Gilliam Civic Center in Gilliam, LA, and July 20, 2017, at Captain Shreve High School in Shreveport. Mrs. Prator stated that she would be finalizing the meetings notice cards for mail-out and distribution next week.


†††††††††††† Mr. Mustapha reported that he had drafted a letter in response to the letter received from the CCFP on May 15, 2017, and this draft had been reviewed and approved by the Boardís attorneys. This letter was sent to representatives of the CCFP and Congressman Mike Johnsonís office at the end of May. Mr. Mustapha reported that he had been in contact with Roger Johnson and Bill Alexander, who represent the CCFP, and a meeting had been scheduled for Wednesday, June 14, 2017, to discuss the groupís concerns.


†††††††††††† Mr. Mustapha reported that due to wet weather, progress has been slow on cutting grass. Mr. Mustapha also provided a written report that detailed the status and progress of all the ongoing Capital Outlay projects. He also provided updates on the operation and maintenance activities of the Districtís staff. Mr. Mustapha also provided a written report on the permits issued during the month of May. He also reported that the Districtís 2016-2017 Annual Report is complete and will be available for distribution at the planned community outreach meetings.


†††††††††††† There was no Legal Counsel Report.


There was no Foresterís Report.


There was no Engineerís Report.


There was no Legal Committee Report.


There was no Equipment Committee Report.


With no further business to be brought before the Board, the meeting was adjourned.



President††††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Administrator-Secretary






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