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At a regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners of the Caddo Levee District held at 10:00 a.m., February 11, 2021, at 1320 Grimmett Drive, Shreveport, Louisiana, the following members were present: Patrick Harrison, Kandi Moore, James T. Sims, Carolyn C. Prator, Gary Porcell, Col. Eric Sweeney and Willie Walker.


Ronald F. Lattier, Law Offices of Ronald F. Lattier; J. Marshall Jones, Jr., Jones & Odom, LLP; Robert Tomasek, LA Department of Transportation and Development; John Barr, Regional Director, U.S. Senator John Kennedy’s Office; German Velazquez, LA Department of Transportation and Development; Heidi Stewart, NLCOG; Ali M. Mustapha, Executive Director; and Lynda Jones, Administrative Assistant were also present.


The meeting was opened with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.


President Harrison asked for any comments from the public regarding agenda items or other issues. There were no public comments.


President Harrison stated that the minutes from the January 14, 2021 meeting had been emailed for review and asked for a motion to approve.  Mr. Sims made a motion, with a second by Mr. Walker, to approve the minutes from the January 14, 2021 meeting. The motion unanimously passed.


Mrs. Moore discussed the monthly financial reports, reporting that operating expenses were down, and she reported that revenues are down from last year due to COVID-19 Pandemic and low interest rates.


The Board reviewed payments and invoices for the month of January 2021 and subsequent bills for the month of December 2020. Col. Sweeney made a motion, with a second by Mr. Procell, to ratify payment of the voices for the month of January 2021 and subsequent bills for the month of December 2020. The motion unanimously passed.


The Board unanimously approved the payment for the 2021 annual membership dues in the amount of $1,000.00 to the Mississippi Valley Flood Control Association with a motion by Mr. Walker and a second by Mr. Sims. 


The Board unanimously approved the surface lease transfer from Cole Davis to Noah Reid Hartline for approximately one-half acre on Black Bayou known as Lot #221 in Section 9, T22N, R15W, with a motion by Mr. Sims and a second by Mrs. Moore.


Marshall Jones reported that supply of oil and gas is down, and the demand is up.  Also, he stated that natural gas prices are rising and that both crude oil and natural gas market prices are still fragile due to the on-going COVID-19 Pandemic.


There was no President’s report.


Mr. Mustapha reported that there is a proposed major warehouse development at Hunter’s Industrial Park at Forum and Corporate Drives which will be located within Agurs’ Pump Station drainage basin. This major development with more 60 acres of impervious surface area will generate excessive storm water runoff which will be discharged to the Pump Station and require pumping during flood events and backwater flooding of the Red River that requires closure of Agurs Flood Gates. Storm water discharge from this proposed development might have a major negative impact on the existing drainage system serving this area and the pump system providing flood control during backwater flooding from the Red River and Headwater flooding from Twelve Mile Bayou. Supplemental pumping to serve the proposed development might be required to ensure flood protection is provided for the area during flooding events which are very common in this flood sensitive drainage basin.


Also, Mr. Mustapha reported that the 2020 Annual Levee Inspection was performed by the Corps of Engineer during the week of July 27-30, 2020. Four (4) inspection reports have been issued by the Corps of Engineers (Red River Levee North, Black Bayou – Pine Island, West Agurs and Cherokee Park) and two (2) have not been issued yet. Three of the four levee segments received an overall rating of Minimally Acceptable and West Agurs segment was rated as Unacceptable because of the two-bank caving’s of Twelve Mile Bayou bank at Grimmett and I-220 and at Cadillac Street. The bank caving’s are in close proximity to the toe of the levee and resulted in the Unacceptable rating.  The Corps of Engineers is preparing design plans to repair the bank failures and will be fully funding the construction under the under P.L. 84-99 assistance program.


Mr. Mustapha provided a written report that detailed the status of all ongoing projects and the status of all open permits. A total of five (5) permits were received and processed in 2021.  Also, Mr. Mustapha reported that Goldman’s Equipment mechanic and Caddo Levee District’s staff are inspecting, servicing, repairing, and preparing the tractors and cutters for the mowing season.


             Attorney Lattier, Board Legal Counsel, encouraged everyone to continue to practice social distancing and wearing mask during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Also, he indicated that there are no pending or active legal matters.


Sam Brimer, Forester, was not present.  Mr. Mustapha reported that Sam completed the planting of the Rodessa Track which was harvested last year.


There was no Engineers Report.


There was no Personnel Committee Report.


There was no Legal Committee Report.


There was no Equipment Committee Report.


With no further business to be brought before the Board, Mr. Sims made a motion to adjourn, with a second by Mr. Walker. The motion unanimously passed, and the meeting was adjourned.




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